High professional standards and adherence to the following values have enabled our firm to build and maintain long-term client relationships since our founding in 1977.


R. Nickles & Company, Inc. operates on a "fee-only" basis. We are here to serve you--objectively and independently. As fee-only advisors, we accept no commissions, mutual fund 12b(1) fees, or soft dollars. Our only source of compensation is you. We prosper when you prosper, and we suffer when you suffer. When needed, we will put our clients in contact with appropriate legal and tax specialists who can assist in implementing the strategies we suggest.


Well developed listening skills enables us to understand clients' needs when they express their concerns. Empathy is an important attribute in a financial consultant.


Through the skillful utilization of sophisticated hedging techniques most of the riskiness of owning stocks can be eliminated. Clients who need the value of their accounts protected from loss and volatility will appreciate the peace of mind they receive from our expertise in this area. Respond to inquiries quickly and efficiently We are committed to going the extra mile to resolve every inquiry or problem quickly and efficiently.


We are committed to going the extra mile to resolve every inquiry or problem quickly and efficiently.


We recognize that our clients' needs and lifestyles evolve over time as they reach milestones such as marriage, children, career achievements, retirement and the unfortunate loss of a spouse. We take the time to understand their changing needs so that we can provide solutions appropriate to their unique situation.


Our only product is our integrity. Developing our clients' trust represents the cornerstone of our business. Our clients should expect nothing less than the most courteous and respectful conduct from us and anyone associated with our firm.