Our goal is simple. To increase our clients' net worth. R. Nickles & Company helps to guide our clients to financial security so they can focus on the important things they want to pursue. While some of our clients spend more time with family and friends, or traveling, others find fulfillment in volunteering much of their time to local community enhancing causes. We are here to remove the burden from our clients of having to keep up with the changes in the investment climate, tax code and estate planning laws so they can pursue their personal interests.


We believe that every client has a unique situation, and that clients' needs vary. Our role is to provide our clients with greater financial independence, peace of mind and security by helping them make smart, well-informed decisions about their investments and retirement plans. R. Nickles & Company, Inc. investment strategy is to enhance our clients' successes by creating individualized, dynamic portfolios that optimize returns and reduce volatility. We believe that a disciplined portfolio management approach identifying outstanding growth companies purchased at reasonable prices produces superior long-term results for our clients.

defining success

R. Nickles & Company, Inc. management understands that success requires more than spread sheets, rates-of-return and quarterly reports. Success is about more than choosing the hottest fund or gaining the highest return over a 12-month period. Long-term success means something different to each client. To some, long-term success means earning solid growth while reducing taxes. To others it may mean achieving financial security and independence in retirement. Success also may mean reducing investment fluctuation and risk while earning market returns. Whichever definition of success a client chooses to pursue, we seek to mold that client's objectives and expectations with our expertise and resources to help them achieve their unique objectives.