R. Nickles & Company, Inc. firmly believes one of the most important services we can provide is helping a client organize and make sense of their financial affairs. Many of the people who come to us have collections of securities that were put together over a period of time with no real plan or philosophy. The result is a hodge-podge of investments that do not work well together and may not even be appropriate anymore. Our financial management philosophy consists of the following:


If you don't know where you're going, how will you know when you've arrived? The development of your financial objectives provides a road map for initiating a financial management program and plays a crucial role in the monitoring of the progress. Personal objectives such as the need for liquidity, growth, current income, retirement income and safety should be carefully considered and documented before embarking on a financial management program. These objectives should be re-evaluated on a regular basis throughout a person's lifetime.


Ongoing, objective monitoring of the financial management plan is crucial in order to spot signs of trouble. Goals and objectives change, individual asset characteristics change, the market outlook shifts, or performance starts to fall off for one reason or another. All accounts are constantly monitored for adherence to performance objectives and benchmarks.