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Small Businesses

Sterling Air, Ltd. - Airplane Sales & Financing
(Sterling has updated their site recently, significantly altering the original look and feel of the site. This link is an archived version.)

Richard Nickels & Company - Archived Site, the owner is now retired - Professional Asset Management (Informational Brochure Site)

Quintasol - Developer / Builder based in Baja California, Mexico
Using only the Posada Santa Fe web site for a marketing tool, the developer built his Boutique Hotel business on an International basis and then sold it for a tidy sum.

Custom Pattern Maker - Custom Pattern Maker is a unique software product designed for the Costume and Custom Sewing Trade and used internationally. The site is designed to be educational in addition to marketing the product.

Access Presto! - Web Development and Production Company.

Small Business | Individuals | Corporate

Sample of Recent Technical Writing Project:

An Online User Manual for Web Based Application to be used by the FAA

Creative Individuals

All by George - Site encompasses the many endeavors of George Thornally. Additionally, his book AOL By George! has a separate site for specifically marketing that product.

Cosmic Ray Music - Classic Rock and Roll Musician Cosmic Ray releases a "come back" album. Site is currently designed for marketing to potential distributors.

Efale McFarland Animal Portraiture - online portfolio

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Corporate Sites

Sandia National Laboratories/CA - Archived Site, current active site now changed to match new look and feel format of Albuquerque site.

Materials & Engineering Sciences Center/SNL/CA - 3 phase, 3 year project including supporting web based applications includes public and intra net web sites.

LEAP Site - Archive Site, Annual Charity Campaign. The campaign run almost entirely digitally through web site and web based application designed and executed through Laboratory Communications in cooperation with the local IT support team. Donations were made and accepted through linked Lotus Domino application.

International Hydride Research Database - International Resource Data base used to coordinate and share international research, hosted by SNL/CA.

Sandia Day - Archived Site, Site-Wide Open House celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the creation of Sandia National Laboratories. Included External Public Relations Site and Intranet Project Management Site.

Electrical Safety Online Training - Course replaced 8 hour "stand up" training. In the first year it saved approximately $25K in training expenses. Course used corporate wide and served as model for other DOE Laboratories.

Distributed Informations Systems Laboratories/SNL/CA - Archived Site, current active site changed to exploit current choice of technologies for dynamic page generation used by DISL.

Combustion Research Facilities/SNL/CA - Target audience is corporate users of the resulting research.

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