The Web Maintenance Engine is designed to combine center and departmental administrative information tracking with the timely maintenance of web page content.

This Informational Demo is designed to explain how it works to the user and other intested parties .

The first page of the Web Maintenance Engine Demo can be accessed through the Web Maintenance button in the navigation bar on the left.

  • The first page "Web Maintenance Engine Links" is a working HTML page. All the links within the page are functional and allow you to navigate to any of the informational pages about the forms.

  • The Web Maintenance Engine forms are all pages that are dynamically created by the Web Maintenance Engine. This Demo is designed to run independent of the server where the Web Maintenance Engine resides. For this reason it is not possible to display the actual working forms here. The pages you will be viewing were made using "screen capture images". At the top and bottom of these pages are navigation links that facilitate navigation through and within the Demo.

  • Pop-up windows accompanies each demo page explaining the structure of the forms. These pop-ups often include links to sample web pages illustrating how the content gathered through the forms is applied within site web pages. The content in these sample pages does not reflect accurate information; they are composites of data information only intended to illustrate the type of content and where it is located on the web pages.

The first page of the Image Gallery Demo can be accessed through the Image Gallery button in the navigation bar on the left. The demo format in this section is the same format as the Web Maintenance Engine Demo, using images captured from the working forms with pop-up window explainations.