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The look and feel of this "portfolio" is deliberately simple and lacking of eye candy and "bells and whistles". It is simply the folio that contains the portfolio pieces, allowing that content to shine.

  • My chosen mission is to facilitate the transition of traditional business processes through the exploitation of web based technologies.

  • My entire working career has encompassed the development of organizational and production structures that are so inherently correct for the specific institution that they continue to be in use over 15 years later.

  • My primary focus in the last 9 years has been on devising user interfaces and web based application structures that make it possible for mature workers to easily use the new technologies with out having to learn a new way of process-thinking or a new way of doing a traditional business processes.

  • I have, since 1985, been successfully ensuring that no business data ever needs to be entered more than once in the processes that I have designed.

  • I have years of experience in the management of production facilities, business front-end processes and marketing. These combine with my outstanding ability to quickly analyze business processes across a diverse range of departmental and company-wide areas of task purposes.

  • My creative abilities find the most cost-effective solutions to very complex sets of circumstances.

As a designer I am able to work any artistic style that is desired by the client.

  • However, if given the option, I believe in creating an artistic and navigation style that is uniquely appropriate to the client and the site content. A parallel to this concept in a web site (a venue in cyber space) would be the difference between a chainstore and a unique one-of-a-kind store. The majority of my clients have been in agreement with me.

  • Ultimately, the purpose of the "look and feel" of a site is merely to showcase the content, but, just as a store window display says volumes about the nature of a store, so does the web site "look and feel".

Navigation is a combination of visual design and the architectural structure of the site.

  • While there are "rules" for user interface design, a good designer is able to break those "rules" and still have navigation that works correctly for the specific needs of the target client/user. There are times when the "audience" needs to be lead through a site in a specific order or to be prevented from wandering off.

  • The navigation structure for a portal site is not necessarily appropriate for a Laboratory Research site.

My years as an educator with an emphasis in the language of visual communication has made it possible for me to hone my abilities in the design of interfaces which are extremely effective across generations and nationalities beyond what can be learned on the topic from books.


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