Stephanie Schoelzel

Web Architect
Web Designer - Business Analyst

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To a company in search of a Web Architect, Web Designer and/or Business Analyst:

  • Do you want to build a web site that will produce qualified leads and sales for your products?

  • Do you want to increase the cost effectiveness of you operational process by integrating the latest in telecommunications technology into your way of doing business?
  • Are you creating an info/entertainment site and want it to exploit the latest in web technology, have a clean hi-impact look and still have fast download time?

  • Would you like to increase the effectiveness of sales, field reps and customer training by putting it online?

  • Do you need some one to upgrade an already existing web site?

  • Do you need some one to head up a large web site production team?

    Hire me and I will guarantee that your website, or integrated telecommunications system, will produce the results that you want.

    You find in me a unique and special combination of skills, experience and talent.
    My entire working career has constantly encompassed the creation of new business, organizational and educational entities. My combination of business management, artistic talent and technical abilities is hard to find.

    I learned my web skills starting in 1995 while teamed with two of the creators of AOL and, in the process, created two new business concepts:

  • A Web Site Production Company (
  • A Web Entertainment Production Company (

    In addition to web technology, I am a skilled graphics and 3D designer with expertise in the restrictions of the Web. I am very knowledgeable in producing animation, sound and video for the net and in "live" broadcasting.

    Examples of my early writings:
    Guiding Concepts for a Sucessful Site
    A Soap-box Speech about the importance of a Web Architect / User Interface Designer

    I am available immediately for either full time or contract work....

  • 7911 Vicksburg Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90045 Voice:323-807-6471 FAX:310-410-7643

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