Twelfth Night

Shakespeare, Purdue Little Theatre 1978, Dale Miller Director

Of the three different productions of this play that I've designed this one is my favorite. The production concept and the production team jelled to make it "magic time in the theatre". Historic understanding of the geographic locations in the play indicated that Illyria is vaguely "Persian", while the twins appear to be from Italy. Olivia's household contains 2 characters that are inherently English (in the way that cowboys are inherently American): Sir Toby Belch (the brawny overweight professional soldier, a la Fallstaff) and Malvolio (the priggish Calvinist puritan).

Thus we have a production set in fairy tale Persia, with an English Consoula household, and shipwecked Italians. Costumes needed to differenciate between the different national styles of dressing. What is the difference and what is the same between Maria (an English ladies maid) and the "extra help" (Persian maids). What does a Persian "policeman" look like? An most fun of all... what does a female Feste look like? Andrew Aguecheek (what does a silly Persian Fop look like?) And... Finally, twins that are close enough in height and weight that one might belive the mistaken identities.

Orsinio's Court.
"If music be the food of love, play on."


Cesario meets Olivia


Olivia. A successful solution.
Large size 16 actress looking lovely and delicate.


Maria and Sir Toby egg Sir Andrew on.


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