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Program Creator and Administrator - Creative Problem Solver - Empowering Facilitator - Enthusiastic Team Leader/Player - Quick Astute Analyst - Project Manager - Efficiency Organizer - Practitioner of Yankee Thrift - Visionary Who Sees How the Small Details Serve the Big Picture - Fluent Communicator


2002 - PRESENT Access Presto Online Productions

Web Producer, Architect, User Interface Designer, Web application developer, Business Analyst for small businesses, special interest groups, organizations and entertainers. Projects uniquely tailored to fit the client and their needs.

1998 - 2002 Sandia National Laboratories/CA

(Sandia National Laboratories runs as a corporate structure managed by Lockheed Martin Corp. through a contract with the USA Department of Energy. The Public Relations and Creative Communications department functions as a service bureau for the many laboratories located at the California site. The IT structure, of necessity, must mesh with and share resources maintained at the Albuquerque Site, requiring careful diplomatic interface with the IT departments for each. Many of the web based projects involved international research teams as well as administration, public relations and marketing for the Laboratories.)

Developed web production team, mentored entry level web designers, guided administrative staff through learning how to exploit web technologies for marketing, business and research processes. Set standards for public and intranet web sites, web architecture, navigation and production processes. Primary liaison to Corporate IT staff, Department and Project Administrators and high level administrative staff. Laboratory Primary Web Sites and accompanying web applications were 3 year, 3 phase projects.

Lasting Result: Web production program now established and continuing within budgetary means. Numerous web based applications in place that require no client training now streamline business and research processes.

Administrative Staff now recognizes when a web based application can be useful and initiates its creation.

Laboratories now have public web presentations or are currently in process. Online training courses have established that as much as $25,000 can be saved in six months per course.

1997 - 1998 Apple Computers

WEBMASTER for Apple Computer’s Learn & Earn Channel Training Site

As a member of the start up team, established production structure for online sales channel training production process which ultimately completely replaced stand-up training. New program was a key element in the turn-around of the Apple Computer Company.

1995 - 1997

PRESTO! Online Productions

Created a new business concept: The web production company.

Member of team headed by George Thornally, Mike Bailey and Kent Fillmore (BTI Group, telecommunications specialists, early email gurus, part of founding group of AOL starting back when it was a Commodore Users Group through creating the AOL forums = AFL George).

Developed and defined production process, including online documentation, that allowed large amounts of content to be produced in a short period of time by content producers and artists unfamiliar with web. This included creating: costing methods, client liaison guidelines, documentation standards, definition of work flow,

Web architecture, navigation architecture, content management, web metrics, mentoring of content authors and graphic artists, setting of production schedules.

Result: In depth knowledge of web production processes.


• database supported web content and web based applications.
• development of content for global audience and clients with English as a second language.


• Production facilities for wide range of venues for performing arts and manufacturing - over 15 years
• Creation and management of training programs for design and technology - over 15 years

MUTLIPLATFORMED: DOS, Windows3.1, -2000, NT, XP, Macintosh through OSX, Amiga, SGI Macintosh, UNIX, and LINUX servers

FLUENT IN: HTML 2.0 -3.2 and all variations of 4.0 code (inc. Netscapeisms , AOLisms and MS Expolorerisms), designing for Section 508 navigation standards, Cross-browser issues.

KNOWLEDGEABLE WITH: implementation of cgi, acgi, plug-ins, Javascript and Java, dynamic page generation (DHTML), image maps, style sheets (CSS), a variety of template types, forms (including to database and email), sophisticated control with tables and frames, inline multimedia (video, sound, animation, live streaming), message boards, live chat, channel broadcasting, database, search, FTP, online sales (ecommerce / ebusiness), mailservers, dataBase (Oracle, Lotus Domino, FileMaker Pro, Paradox, Access, and web based), search engines, metrics

DIGITAL GRAPHIC ARTIST: Print, Multimedia Interactive and Web, 2D and 3D and animated illustrations.
Visual language specialist.


Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, DreamWeaver, HomeSite, BBEdit, Fireworks, Flash, Macromedia Director, SoundEdit 16, FrameMaker, Corel Draw, Corel Paint, Fractal Design Painter, WordPerfect, Paradox (DOS & Windows), MS Word, MS Excel, MSAccess, MS Project, Visio, File Maker Pro (including WebCompanion), Quicken, AutoCAD and several other 3D programs. Senior user, developer and teacher of software applications able to pick any thing new up quickly.


BFA - Rhode Island School of Design   MFA - Wayne State University (Communications Design)

George Thornally 408.314.5553 CEO, retired, BTI Group
Sheila Akins 925.294.3255 Supervisor, SNL/CA
Bob Tucker 925.294.2388 Manager, SNL/CA
Bill Dissly 925.449.3933 Sr. Web Programmer, SNL/CA
Kent Fillmore 626.589.4291 Producer, URLy Sylke
Bryan Ackler 503.246.2165 Project Manager / Friend
Christy Haines 615.599.3795 Producer / Friend
Cathlyn Marshall 619.460.0424 Set Designer / Friend

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