Stephanie was born with the desire and further encouraged by training at the Rhode Island School of Design to be a crusader for the positive evolution and the betterment of the quality of life for the human species.

Stephanie is one of those people who:

  • can't imagine how anyone can ever feel bored,

  • is always in awe that we have the ability to perceive the beauty in the world around us,

  • knows that her place in the social fabric of the human race is as an educator and creative problem solver,

  • is a creative artist with disciplined skill of a designer,

  • has developed a well honed knowledge of and sensitivity to human psychology through years of practice as a designer of theatrical characters and as an educator.

  • has the unusual combination of a visual, audio and kinetic memory and intuitive thought processes that can be rechanneled to a linear mode and a spatially oriented organizational mode.

  • has such a far ranging collection of talents, interests, knowledge and aptitudes that is never enough time in a life time to do it all.

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© 2004 Stephanie A. Schoelzel